Tuesday, July 26, 2011

reaping the whirlwind

I love the whinging that's going on in the anti-jihadist, Christian Right corner of the sty. After years of tarring muslims, liberals, environmentalists, etc with every imaginable slander and accusation, they squeal over the notion that they be associated with their..er...associates. Check out this from Tim at THE BLACK KETTLE (one of my favorite winger sites):

"I, and many others, have spent the past few days deconstructing the slanderous meme in the media that Breivik is a right-wing extremist fundamentalist Christian. He was none of those things. He was a deranged xenophobe. The writer of the above article nails it when he writes ‘the media employs guilt by association by deliberate design.’ This should put to rest any presumption by the general public that the media is either objective or ideologically neutral. The MSM is an organ of anti-Christian/conservative propaganda and it must be changed by rooting-out the problem in the schools of journalism which consistently turn out these radical, left-wing demagogues."

On Friday he said:

"A case in point is that islam as a religion is a problem as I see it (I have read the Koran). "

Constantly tying a billion muslims to terrorism and doctrinal literalism. Apparently he hasn't read the Bible, if he believes it provides christians with particular moral cover. it doesn't, unless you are a fan of slavery, polygamy, and genocide. (I have read the Bible)

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