Thursday, February 11, 2010

good comment

over at the black kettle a commenter nicely sums up the core issue with the Intelligent Design "argument", such as it is:
"It is easy to find gaps/holes/flaws in this theory; however, arbitrarily assigning these gaps in the theory as support for intelligent design is not really good science.
Your theory is incorrect Therefore, ours is correct.
This article only goes to point out problems with the theory of evolution, but in no way does it relate it back to Intelligent design. There seems to be a logic, that if evolution is wrong, therefore intelligent design is correct.
Flaws in the theory of Evolution do no support intelligent design.
Unknowns about evolution do not support intelligent design.."

Flaws in specific aspects of evolutionary theory add absolutely no weight to intelligent design. It must stand or fall on its own as a hypothesis. It fell.

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