Sunday, January 31, 2010

please take our useless notions seriously

Apparently they've got religious nuts up in Canada as well. I looked in on a particularly virulent Christianist site, Black Kettle, and tried to engage in a bit of an argument over their Lying for Darwin post.  Several of my comments were scrubbed, which is I suppose is typical for a religious site (they live for censorship).

The point they were trying to make is that I need to read a 700 page book on intelligent design, Signature in the Cell, before I can criticize its thesis (i.e. the Magic Man did it).  The point I made, which was deleted, was that I don't need to read every holocaust denial treatise, astrology primer, or witch hunting manual to understand that these ideas are false.  Reliable, authoritative analysis has banished these nonsensical notions from academic circles.  It would be foolish to introduce Holocaust denial to a classroom as a subject worthy of debate, no matter how many idiots howl for its validity.

Science is a process that elevates theories that work and discards ideas that don't.  You don't see many alchemists around any more.  Intelligent Design and creationism are not useful to explain existing data or make any predictions.  As ideas they have no value. If they did, they would be in use.  I can guarantee few businesses desire profit more than the pharmaceutical industry.  I can also guarantee not a single private sector lab is spending a single dollar testing the validity of Intelligent Design as a useful concept for drug discovery.  Intelligent Design, like its parent Creationism, is a shallow attempt to insert religious doctrine into science education. It won't work, because it doesn't work.

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